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Who we are

We Need Your Help To Revive Vedas

Programmes Presented So Far By The Foundation With the benign grace and blessings of Shri Shri Bharathi Theertha Maha Swamigal, Sringeri & all other Acharyas this foundation has started.

Our Vedas are the fountain-head of the Indian ethos and they teach us how to develop instincts to live in harmony with nature. Even if their meaning is not comprehended by the common man, a continuous chanting of Vedas, by its vibrations, ushers in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility so badly required in a strife-ridden country like ours. There is thus an urgent need to popularize the Vedic hymns by arranging for their chanting by traditional Pundits and expose our younger generation to such programs.

India is proud to own a vast treasure of spiritual wisdom. we have a rich legacy, handed down to posterity over centuries in the form of religious texts and exquisite idols by our spiritual luminaries and Acharyas. It is the responsibility of every Indian to safeguard the sanctity of shrines and religious institutions and texts at all costs. the present generation and generations to follow should be given an opportunity to listen, understand and appreciate our great Vedic traditions through Veda mantras.

Present Pathetic State

To revive the interest in Vedic culture which at one time pervaded the length and breadth of India and which, unfortunately, is on the decline now. The Table below gives the figures as to the presently available text and which are in vogue. They speak volumes of the present state of affairs and the urgent need to preserve them hence forth from total obscurity

Vedas Actual Sakhas Present State
Rig Veda 21 2
Yajur Veda 101 6
Sama Veda 1000 3
Atharvana Veda 21 2
Total 1131 13
%  of Availability   1%

"Life-you can't take it with you - but that's no excuse for leaving it in a mess." We at Vedic sangeeta foundation are attempting to preserve all the four Vedas with all it's variations in audio CD for the benefit of those who want to hear the Vedic chanting or practice the Vedic recitals and also arranging to host them in the "website" for downloading. this endeavor of ours involves huge manpower, large financial outlay (US$ 2 Million) and almost 20-24 months duration.

Wherever you are and whoever you are, whether an individual or an institution, we request you to kindly ensure that not only you and your members of the family but your friends too, participate in this holy effort by liberal and generous contributions to enable us to complete the project successfully as envisaged.